Underwriting inspections

Along with handling insurance claims and appraisals, Skousen Adjusting, LLC also provides quality underwriting inspections to insurance companies.

Our services include photos only or photo and site inspections for both personal and commercial risks.  

In every inspection, we strive to give insurance companies an accurate assessment of potential risks in homes, businesses and other buildings.

To request our underwriting inspection services, fill out an assignment form or contact us today at 928-583-0341.

Superior service

Skousen Adjusting, LLC prides itself on superior, high quality service.  By serving all of Arizona and metropolitan Las Vegas,Nevada, and by offering affordable, high quality adjusting services, Skousen Adjusting, LLC is a name that the insurance industry has come to depend upon and trust for their independent adjusting needs.  We strive to provide individualized, superior service on each and every claim.  

All our services are customized to meet our client's needs.

"providing the information that leads to good decision-making"


We also provide expert appraisal services.   We provide independent, honest and neutral appraisal services.  With a growing trend to request appraisal for even minor valuation disputes, we have experience as independent and qualified appraisers and umpires.

Since 2001, we've been serving insurance industry throughout  Arizona and, more recently, metropolitan Las Vegas, Nevada.

To request our appraisal services, fill out an assignment form or contact us today at 928-583-0341.

multi-line adjusting

For your convenience, our experienced multi-line adjusters handle both property and liability claims.  We are highly skilled in investigating various types of insurance claims involving physical damage or personal injuries and provide high-quality service on each assignment, no matter how large or complex.  

With Skousen Adjusting, LLC, you can expect a through investigation and an informative report, all completed in a timely manner.  For every claim we handle, we'll do a personal inspection, meet with all of the individuals involved in the loss and use the services of experts when necessary.   Our goal is to create useful and understandable reports that will help you make correct and fair decisions.

 To request our multi-line adjusting services, fill out an assignment form or contact us today at 928-583-0341.